Pietra di Luna multipitch climbs Sardinia

Pietra di Luna Multipitch and Trad Routes Sardinia

The second volume of “Pietra di Luna” with 1400 multipitch and trad routes on Sardinia was published at the end of 2014. Unlike the first edition for singlepitch routes which Peter translated from Italian to English, this time he wasn’t involved, and will see the book for the first time in March 2015 when it will be on sale at The Lemon House, €48. Available in the UK from Cordee £44.95

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Sunny end of season…until March 2015 from the east coast of Sardinia

Sun and big waves at La Spiaggetta on the east coast of Sardinia

The Lemon House’s 2014 season is coming to an end. Today we wanted to make one last kayak outing, but the surf was up and we simply enjoyed the sun at La Spiaggetta. Tomorrow the last guests of the year leave. We are already preparing the 2015 season and have updated our website with the most important new developments for walking, climbing and mountain biking on the east coast of Sardinia from our October 2014 newsletter. We will be open again for guests from 14 March 2015!

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The Lemon House Sardinia: May 2014 Newsletter

The Lemon House Sardinia: Activities Spring 2014

Download our May 2014 Newsletter (PDF 600 kb): The Lemon House is almost always full, and we have worked out how to enjoy some “private” space and still be available for guests. Analysis of what activities people come to stay with us to do on Sardinia (see pie chart left). Two great new guides and maps for walking and how different attitudes to walking between British, German and Italians are! Updating documentation and photos of mountain bike routes including STS-grading. We were very proud of Rebecca in her first cycling race :) . See you soon!

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Great first Sardinia road cycling race of the season

Sardina road cycling: Jen and Rebecca in Barisardo before the first race of the season

The first road race of the season was held last Sunday 4 May in Barisardo. There was no other road race on the island on this long holiday weekend, so the event attracted almost 100 of Sardinia’s best riders, from as far away as Sassari, Cagliari and Olbia. Local riders were also present, including:

  • Peter, whose team ASD Bariese Marco Pantani had organised the race
  • Clait of Agribike Ogliastra, from whom we rent road bikes for our guests in The Lemon House. Clait, like Peter, rides for ASD Bariese Marco Pantani
  • our guests in The Lemon House Jen and Rebecca, see photo on the right just before the start.
Barisardo race - results

The first lap of the 10 km circuit was “at a controlled speed” behind the “Direttore di Gara”‘s car, though 36 km/h already felt pretty fast… Then 5 laps for the men and 3 for the women. With only one local exception, all the first 40 places went to riders from outside Ogliastra. Our names were on sheet two of the results (see photo left). In her first-ever race :) Rebecca conquered second spot among the women and a great prize. Peter hadn’t trained at all and so was totally happy with his 55th place – many participants didn’t manage to complete all 6 laps before the end of the race was announced. In the photos below: left – supercool Rebecca with her prize, right – Peter just after finishing. President Antonio of the ASD Bariese invited us and the rest of the team to a big lunch after the race: cheese, ham, grilled pork chops, salad, homemade red wine and tiramisu :) . Pretty good, eh? For more information on road cycling on Sardinia, see our road cycling page

Rebecca with her prize
Peter exhausted after the race
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Selvaggio Blu: new map and first Selvaggio Blu-ers of the year

Selvaggio Blu map
one side of the Selvaggio Blu map

In addition to the guide published for the Selvaggio Blu in April 2013 this great 1:15000 scale map of the route is now available. GPS-Track, waypoints and the same description as in the guide in Italian and in English. €10, available from The Lemon House. GPS-file to download. Publisher Enrico Spanu from Cagliari delivered 20 of the first maps printed just in time for the arrival of our first Selvaggio Blu-ers of the year, Markus, Markus, Cyril and Sebastian in the photo below on the left. They are the first of 7 small 2-4 person groups that have booked so far in 2014 to stay with us and make use of our logistic support to tackle the Selvaggio Blu. Thanks to the publication of more maps and guides, this “extreme trekking” mountaineering route on the east coast of Sardinia is getting more popular and easier to tackle.

Today we went to leave water and food at two points along the route. At the end of March all the cyclamens are in flower (photo right).

Day 5 Selvaggio Blu
cyclamen Sardinia
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Best bikes for Sardinia – 120 mm XC hardtails or 150 mm All-Mountain/Enduro full-suspended bikes?

Leonie descends the rocky muletrack below Scaleddas, Baunei
  • “We will be bringing our own bikes. We have a choice of either our Specialized Stumpjumpers 120mm and 140mm or the heavier more all mountain Specialized Pitch’s 150mm. Would we get punished too much on the climbs with the Pitch’s? Would appreciate your thoughts.”
  • “Just one other thing. We both have heavier duty AM/Enduro bikes as well as lighter trail hardtail mountain bikes. Which would you recommend as most suitable for the majority of local bike trails?”

Bikers from the UK and Switzerland recently asked very similar questions. Peter answered: “It all depends what sort of riding you want to do. I am biased since I prefer AM/enduro, but I genuinely believe that what is “unique” here are the rough old mule- and shepherds’ tracks that go down to the sea, so if you like this sort of riding I would go for this (in Ogliastra, which is where you spend most of your time). There are XC rides as well, great ones, but the Alpine-like riding is the best.” Brett and Leonie (see photo right) who asked the first question brought their all mountain Specialized Pitch’s 150 mm and spent the whole of their holiday with us at The Lemon House :).

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The Lemon House October 2013 Newsletter

Anne kayaking Pedra Longa east coast Sardinia

Download our October 2013 Newsletter in English (PDF 400 kb): Peter gets lots of tips from guests to (slowly) cure a radial nerve inflammation and be able to enjoy his climbing again; our bookings are up 11% compared to 2012 and we already have our first bookings for 2014; speedbumps have been installed in via Dante so our road is now much quieter; autumn road cycling and Giro di Sardegna 2014; “Sardinia is a good as the Dolomites or Lago di Garda for mountain biking”; lots of new climbing routes at Ulassai; fully-updated website in English.

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Salve Sisine! – great feedback on Mountain Bike Sardinia guidebook

Christoph at Su Irove Longu on ride 55 to Cala Sisine, Mountain Bike Sardinia guidebook

We received this great feedback from Christoph from Bavaria (Bad Tölz) on the Mountain Bike Sardinia guidebook: “Hi Anne + Peter! A few days (weeks) ago Eva and I visited you at your Limehouse and talked about the mtb-routes in the east of sardinia. You – Peter – signed the route-guide-book we bought. Before we come back to “the island” next year (?) we (I) had only one day left to try one of your suggestions. I decided to ride the 55th Cala-Sisine-Tour by starting in our “basecamp” at Tancau Village and meet the rest of my family at Golgo. I met the route at point 2 Genna Aramene. Without a GPS-gadget I found the “unmade road” with your description – even if there were no more signs for “Trekking Margine” nor “Ovile Rifugio Carta”. The following kilometers were well documented. Only at page 296 (english version) of your book I once doubted to be right: “Continuing on the plateau…” I would put in something like “the road always at the coastside” because there are a few junctions. My instinct showed me th right way, so I happily ended at Cala Sisine. The way back to Golgo were about 5 (not 6) hundred m to climb. Now it’s enough with this kind of picky critic. Your description was so good, that I could find the right way without GPS and without going wrong any meter. Especially the mule track “junction” from the Cala Luna road to the Cala Sisine track was only marked by a tiny stoneman-sign…Great route! Great book! Gratulations! Also the route data bar in the book is very nice and informative!” In the photo on the left, Cristoph at the Su Irove Lungu sheepfold.

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The Book of Selvaggio Blu Sardinia

Book of Selvaggio Blu - cover
Book of Selvaggio Blu - Peters hands

As described in this UKHillwalking/Climbing article, the Selvaggio Blu trek on the east coast of Sardinia is up-to-now relatively little-known among mountaineers from the UK and other English-speaking countries. This is perhaps starting to change, as we receive enquiries about “The Book of Selvaggio Blu” from the UK and Norway, where it isn’t currently on sale but we can send it you :) for £33/€40 including postage with tracking. In the photos the cover and right, on page 171, Peter’s hands as he replaces the bolts at the Piddi abseil anchor. See our walking guidebooks page for enthusiastic comments on this book, a description of the other guidebook for the Selvaggio Blu – both books were translated from Italian into English by Peter – and a description of the logistic support we provide to people undertaking this 4-6 day expedition. Over the years we have helped perhaps 20 parties with the trek – from advice on advance planning and purchasing of maps to logistics support, leaving food, water and gas along the route, SMS/phone contact during the trek and pickup by RHIB/4WD from Cala Sisine/Cala Luna, and for all of them the Selvaggio Blu has been the experience of a lifetime!

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Practising falling and tips for a great climbing holiday on Sardinia

Christiane practises falling, Gola San Giorgio, Ogliastra
Christane leads 6a

Our guests from northern Europe usually climb indoors. This makes going climbing easy, even in large cities and with lousy weather. “Real” outdoor climbing is an exception. So during a climbing holiday on Sardinia people have to get used to hold which are not made of coloured resin and to falling. Nearly everyone is scared of falling outdoors! Otherwise you are very tense, don’t climb smoothly and don’t enjoy your climbing.
For this reason we often support our guests at the Lemon House with falling practise, with the choice of target routes and with placing the clips. Then they can lead their target route. In the photo left, Christiane practises falling at the Gola di San Giorgio and right cruises calmly and focussed through the cruz of the 6a “Willy”. Well done Christiane!
For more information on climbing in Ogliastra, Sardinia, see our climbing page.

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