Ulassai Canyon – new climbing routes, Sardinia

Matteo Cappa, who in winter manages the Rifugio di Guide Frachey, for the second successive year has bolted several new routes in the upper part of the Canyon at Ulassai.

simone sarti climbs snake eye in the canyon at ulassai

This year Matteo and friends Klaas Willems (sponsored by Boreal ), Simone Sarti and Liz Hinton have bolted, on the upper left wall, with “La danza del maestrale” (7a/+) as reference point

● To the left:
• Trottolina, Project, Simone Sarti.
• Ta peccau, Project, Simone Sarti.

● To the right:
• Intervista col vampiro, 7b+ (7a+ to the first chain) RP Matteo Cappa.
• L’uomo senz’anima, 8a/+, RP Klaas Willems
• Trilobite, 7c/+ RP Matteo Cappa
• Nuraghe, 6a+, RP Liz Hinton
• Snake eye, 7b+, RP Klaas Willems
• Never where, 7b+, RP Matteo Cappa
• Blu!, Matteo Cappa/Klaas Willems, Project around 8b.

Just a bit further on, on a little wall on the right:
• Spritz Litz, 5c, RP Liz Hinton

In the photo, Simone Sarti on Snake eye 7b+ (Photo: Klaas Willems)

Last year Matteo bolted a new sector “Settore Vela”. You turn right at the end of the Canyon:
• Crepa cuore, 6b, RP Lorenzo Doria
• Cavità sensuali, 7a+, RP Matteo Cappa
• Carola bloch, 7a+, RP Matteo Cappa
• Diagonal teather, 7b+, RP Matteo Cappa

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