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second edition 2016 sardinia mountain bike guide

In June 2016 the second edition of “MOUNTAIN BIKE in SARDINIA, 77 rides between the mountains and the sea” ISBN 978-88-98609-65-9 €33 was published by Versante Sud. On the cover photo left, Peter and Simone ride down the ”Cengia Giradili“ from Us Piggius to Pedra Longa, just one of the new rides included in the new edition. The guide was written by Peter and 3 Sard biker friends, Peter being responsible overall and for 30 of the rides, 26 of which are in Ogliastra, as well as the translation from Italian into English. The new edition (432 pages!) has improved maps (OpenStreetMap instead of the Garmin maps in the first 2011 edition), a completely new graphic design, updated descriptions, many great new photos, QR Codes to link to videos and new rides, especially in the centre, on the east coast and in the north of the island. Browse the book. Gpx files for all the routes can be downloaded here. NB for smartphone users. The tracks are downloaded in zip format. You have to unzip them on a PC before sending them to your smartphone. Peter used all our route information, and designed, explored and rode for the first time (sometimes after repeated attempts…) 16 mountain bike routes. Cordee in the UK are the main English language distributors, order the book direct from Versante Sud or from mid-July 2016 available in the Lemon House.

The Regione Sardegna does publish a guide to MTB cycle touring around the island, using minor roads and “strade sterrate” (unmade roads) from one village to the next (A-B), though this isn’t technical mountain biking nor are the rides circular A-A routes.


For mountain biking on Sardinia, we use a number of different maps:-

  • IGM map with Talana ride overlayThe best paper mountain bike maps for Sardinia are from the Istituto Geografico Militare . We have all the 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 maps needed for Ogliastra, and they are really excellent for detail and contours, although sometimes the footpath information isn’t up to date and newer roads aren’t shown… we can tell you where they are! See example right with a ride in Talana. If you want to buy them in advance of coming, the best place to buy them in the UK is The Map Shop, Upton upon Severn. They keep a number in stock, and it takes them about 6 weeks to order other sheets. Here is an interactive map finder to decide which maps you need. If The Map Shop doesn’t have the required IGM maps in stock, it is also possible to order them from There is an “English” button on the site, however the payments section is in Italian (though Steve who suggested this to us had no problems with the assistance of Google Translate). Minimum order quantity is 4 maps, and with shipping the prices are comparable to those from themapshop.
santa maria freeride overlay on outdoorsworldwide
  • The best maps for outdoor sports in Sardinia are in fact digital, derived from OpenStreetMap. See the example on the right: even the IGM maps don’t show the path from Santa Maria Navarrese along the coast to Pedra Longa! Various commercial applications add to this information for sports-specific use and distribute it in electronic form: Three possibilities to best use these maps:-
    1. for people who are happy planning routes on a PC or Mac, download Openmtbmaps. Good integration with Garmin Basecamp for route planning.
    2. for the increasing number of people who have smartphones or tablets with GPS functionalities, English guest Pete recommended the App OutDoors World Topo Maps – GPS for Hiking & Biking for iPhone, iPod and iPad from A user-friendly browser interface lets you import GPX files and then load them onto your iPod or iPhone, like “Santa Maria Freeride” in the photo, and you can see routes other people have uploaded. Or MotionX GPS is one of the most popular Apps, also with OpenStreetMap (MotionX Terrain)-maps to download for use where there is no mobile phone network and to avoid data roaming charges. With this, you email your GPX file to you iPhone.
    3. For those of you with an Android-Phone, with the same OSM-maps is recommended.
  • During 2009 the Ente Foreste della Sardegna worked very hard to improve 76 of the island’sEnte Foreste maps for mountain biking in Sardinia mostly-inland walks (many of which are great mountain bike rides) and equip them with signs, and have published detailed descriptions in Italian and English of them in 12 maps. The project is called Un’Isola di Sentieri, An Island of Paths, and is one of the best such initiatives we’ve come across during all our time in Sardinia! As the map on the right shows, The Lemon House is ideally located for accessing these walks and rides, with four of the areas right on our doorstep: 4. Supramonte Ogliastrino 5. Gennargentu 6. Gennargentu Ogliastrino 9. Tacchi d’Ogliastra. You can download the maps and the brochure here. At The Lemon House we have lots of copies of the brochure and copies of the 4 nearby maps to consult but not to take away—they’re too precious! As described in the brochure, each map can be picked up free from the local Comune or relevant Ente Foreste station.

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