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Mountain biking routes starting from The Lemon House

Mountain biking was one of the least-documented sports activities in Sardinia when we first came here with only one guide published for the whole of Sardinia. Starting in summer 2008, when Peter started mountain biking, and initially with help of from mountain biker experts who’ve written guides and route descriptions, we set about fixing this. We really got going in 2010, first with the T-track then with the formation of Mountainbike Ogliastra, then with work starting on the new mountain bike guide for the whole of Sardinia. We now have a range of over 50 mountain bike (MTB) routes, from easy cross-country rides in the valley and in the rolling forests on the granite hills to rocky, technical singletrack climbs and descents suitable for experts on the limestone Supramonte. For all we have route maps, descriptions including plan and profile views, videos and gps (gpx) and kml files so that we can describe these routes to people staying with us. If you want, we can lend you a Garmin GPS with the routes loaded, as well as maps and plastified route cards like the one in the photo above. Or now many smartphones support GPS navigation and detailed maps for them cost less than a pizza!
See the Flash Gallery below for photos of the rides starting from The Lemon House.

Sardinia mountain biking from The Lemon House

Sardinia mountain bike MTB / Mountainbike Sardinien / Sardegna: from / vom / da Lemon House

[img src=]2370
[img src=]2320
[img src=]2340amos-at-tomba-dei-giganti-osono
[img src=]2310roughly-paved-track-to-genna-argei
[img src=]1660genna-argei-looking-towards-arbatax
[img src=]1550looking-back-down-to-coastal-plain
[img src=]1570view-se-from-genna-argei
[img src=]1560amos-descends-genna-argei
[img src=]1580road-missing
[img src=]1390junction-l-argei-osono-r-olidone
[img src=]1470mamutorco-you-can-see-in-background-the-steep-descent-from-genna-argei
[img src=]1440lots-of-loose-rocks-after-rain
[img src=]1410climb-to-genna-selole-good-tracks-but-long
[img src=]1500one-of-several-forestry-signs
[img src=]1350nigel-tomba-dei-giganti-osono
[img src=]1350start-on-road-towards-genna-argei
[img src=]1350walking-some-sections-after-rain-washed-out-path
[img src=]1410nigel-with-unmade-road
[img src=]1540rik-under-assault-by-piglets
[img src=]1560rik-singletrack-scaleddas
[img src=]1510rik-singletrack-down-from-scaleddas
[img src=]1390rik-snaps-ginny
[img src=]1330rik-and-ginny-on-monte-scoine-track
[img src=]1280rik-with-baunei-in-background
[img src=]1220peter-mulattiera-co-e-serra
[img src=]1240peter_mulat_co_e_serra
[img src=]1130peter-co-e-serra
[img src=]1120santa-maria-pedra-longa
[img src=]1260santa-maria-pedra-longa
[img src=]1050view-n-to-pedra-longa

Giuseppe Iltiera singletrack Baunei
With the bikes at Porto Cuau

Together with his mates from Mountainbike Ogliastra Peter has cleaned lots of old footpaths for mountain biking. The most recent was the Iltiera muletrack used by charcoal burners, an escape route from the Selvaggio Blu), which descends 620 m over 4 km from Irbidossoli to the natural harbour of Porto Cuau. You hire a RHIB to come back. We rode this wonderful technical singletrack descent for the first time in 2012. Left: Giuseppe on the Iltiera singetrack, right: arrived at Porto Cuau.

Punta La Marmora - start of the wonderful singletrack descent
Endo turn on the switchbacks of the Cengia Giradili, Baunei

The local councils have now begun to maintain the old shepherds’ paths so that they can be used by walkers and bikers. The ride from Flumini to Sardinia’s highest point, Punta La Marmora 1834 m, is just as good but completely different from the “best ride in Sardinia” to Cala Sisine. Instead of the limestone Supramonte with its muletracks you have the almost alpine landscape (“like Norway”) and rough granite terrain. This ride wasn’t included in the first edition of our mountain bike guide to Sardinia since the Comune di Arzana only cleaned the path in 2012. We can provide you with a detailed description and GPS-track so you don’t have to wait for the next edition of the guide 🙂 . In the photo on the left left, Peter starts the descent from the summit. In 2011 the “Cengia Giradili” was unrideable but from 2014, thanks to the maintenance carried out by the Comune di Baunei, this is now a wonderful descent,with flowing S0-sections alternating with S2+/3-hairpins (in the photo right, Harald endo turns with Pedra Longa in the backgroun 🙂 . We are now using the Singletrail-Skala to rate technical difficulty.


One excellent mountain bike route in Sardinia should have been the 250-km T-track (trasmudas in Sard, transhumance, trail). But, after its design in 2006, waymarkers were only placed on the easier sections (firetrails / secondary asphalted roads) and the more technical sections that needed to be cleaned or built either don’t exist or are impractical.

 T-track overlay August 2010

The map on the right is from Rete Ogliastra Supramonte’s site; we have overlaid the parts of the route we’d checked as of May 2010 (the ones nearest to The Lemon House) and more sections were checked when we wrote the MTB guide to Sardinia. There is a provisional more detailed paper A3 map of the route, although the route shown on the map doesn’t always correspond to where the way-marks actually are. For instance, the map shows the route passing east of Monte Scoine, when in fact the way-marks pass to the west. Peter was so angry that things were better documented that he ended up proposing and co-authoring the mountain bike guide to the island!

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